GWO Training

In march 2016 these eight Rope Access Technicians completed the GWO course at Ascent. Rope Access company Sky Access BV selected this team to prepare them for upcoming jobs in the Wind Industry. To train evacuation and rescue situations his course consists of working at height, first aid, sea survival and fire rescue. Sea survival has been done at the new training centre of Delta Safety in Rotterdam, wich is still under construction. Excellent instructions were given by Tyas Bakker (Ascent) Kris and Eric Mayer (Delta Safety). The training is completed by Sky Access employees Erik Remeijers and Luke Remeijers and Freelance Rope Access Technicians Niels Schram, Maickel Portanger, Marc Minten,  Roy van Rossum, Juriaan Speijer and Sakolima Waas.

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