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Do you have your own gear and need an experienced instructor to get you going?

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Current location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


Kiteboarding is popular. Schools are popping up everywhere and the amount of riders is growing.  Beginner lessons, private lessons, 3 day courses, introduction courses, all kinds of ways to learn it.  But when is the moment to practice on your own?  At the moment you buy your own gear ask yourself if  you are able to control your kite with confidence. Can you launch your kite, walk over the beach with your kite up  and a board in your hand? Can  you  go out and play between the other kiteboarders, surfers, boats and swimmers in a safe way? Are you able to  resque yourself when the wind drops out, your kite goes flat or a line breaks?  Do you know how to deal with waves, gusts and unexpected weather?  Or are you still a bit scared of the kite?

With  personal guidance, useful tips and knowlegde  you can take control over your kite and deal with the surroundings.   Kitesurfing is like riding a bike. Once you're in control, your world expands.  Let me help you ride on your own  and enjoy the elements of nature!



I am an certified IKO instructor. IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organisation. IKO promotes and develops safe kiteboarding worldwide in relationship with the industry and national organisations. IKO trains kitesurfing instructors providing a high level of teaching, with standards that are recognised and applied worldwide.

Natural High

The company where I learned how to kite and where I introduced hundreds of people into kiteboarding. Natural High is born in 2003 at the Brouwersdam and is now grown out to an international hotspot in the kiteboard scene. I was a team member from 2005 until 2011. Nowadays, I still am Natural High when I'm out playing with the elements.

NKV Dutch Kitesurf Association

Besides IKO, I also have the Dutch certificate for kiteboard instruction. In 2006 I did the exam at the Dutch Kitesurf Foundation.


Since 2003 I have given kiteboard lessons for Natural High,  Kitesurfschool Progression, Down Under Beach Events, Kitesurfschool Stoked and Gokite  Melbourne.  It was inspiring to give different types of courses, using different methods in every school.  Especially in Australia I discovered new situations and methods for teaching.     

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